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Shady winter garden

Today I almost saw the sun... I say almost, because at this time of year the sun never reaches my garden. It is stuck so low on the horizon that it stays hidden behind the forest, and for the whole month of December I only see it basking the shores across the lake. My garden faces south west, which is lovely in the summer when I get the most gorgeous evening sun. In winter though, the garden lies in the shade.

Before I lived on the farm full time I was never so aware of the differences in light, but the more I have gotten into garden photography, the more I spend time contemplating it. In garden photography the light plays such an important role, infusing the plants with colour or draining them from all life depending on its presence and strength. Now suddenly I understand why garden photographers get up at 5 am.

In my garden, though, it doesn't matter at what time of day you get up. In winter the light is always just wrong and I never get the kind of pictures I'd like... It is almost annoying looking at the beautiful light on the other side of the lake and finding it simply never reaches me.

"Never mind," Luna consoles me. "At least you have a Christmas cat!"

"Yes, but you moved your head so you are all fuzzy in the picture."

"Who cares, I'm beautiful either way!" she says with all the confidence of a cat.

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1 Comment

Dec 20, 2021

I read your blog with interest as I know from gardeners in the North of Sweden and how short the growing season is.

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