The garden at Stensund

The old red farmhouse at the end of the road is my point of origin. This is where I grew up, and where my own children have spent their school holidays. In the beginning there was only wilderness around it, but slowly over the last 25 years a garden has evolved. There are borders with shrubs and perennials, and a little woodland berså where you can hide away for an early evening drink while catching the last of the evening sunshine. But most of all, the garden is dominated by my large kitchen garden just below the house!

I have always had a passion for food and growing my own food was a natural extension of this interest. I started with a small plot when I was barely twenty, and have going and growing since. I love growing oddly coloured varieties, so invariably my potatoes are blue and my carrots yellow, the beetroot are polka striped and peas are purple. Now that my family has grown and are traveling all corners of the world, I grow more flowers amongst the vegetables and more vegetables that can be preserved for winter.