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Off to bed

Hortensia Summer Love

These last two weeks I have been super busy not only been harvesting what is left in the kitchen garden but also working on the flowerbeds around the cottages. Sometimes I like weeding the perennial borders, but once they have been too overgrown it becomes such a chore that I almost dread it. Nevertheless, it needs to be done with regular intervals or the joy of seeing flowers disappears in masses of unkept jungle... In autumn I make a real effort to get it done before the frost descends, as it helps keep them in order in spring when the sunshine wakes all things back to life again.

Weeding weeding weeding...

A heap of home made compost at Humlegård

Black Barlowe aquilegia seedling

At Humlegård the new woodland border has taken up much of my time. In a new border like this one, the plants have not yet grown large and wide enough to form a carpet over the soil. Two years from now, it will look quite different with hardly any soil visible in between the plants. After the border is weeded I put a thick mulch of compost around the plants, both to keep new weeds at bay and also to improve the soil in the border. After all the work is done, I must admit I'm quite pleased with the end result. Just wait until next spring!

Woodland border weeded and bare

Woodland border with a layer of compost mulch

A caterpillar in the Japanese Anemone flower

Evening sun over house and garden

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1 Comment

Oct 13, 2019

Oj, vd duktig du är! Jag blir nästan trött bara på att titta på vad du gjort - men fint blir det!!


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