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Maybe May weather

There is a joke going around in memes at the moment, about May being called May because it may be sunny, it may be raining, there may be hailstorms or it may be snowing. We've had all sorts this spring!! Happily, as we approach the end of the month it seems that the sun has come out and is here to stay.

The last few days of warmth has given a boost to the flower borders, and now they are coming into their own. I was so happy to find one red cowslip, as my friend Susie på Stjärnarve had a beautiful picture of one on her blog last week and I immediately succumbed to a bout of plant envy. Last week I planted out basil seedlings in pots next to the kitchen door at the old house, and although they did sulk a bit after a hail storm they are looking perkier this week. The tulips my friend Lida brought with her from Holland are now starting to flower in the pot by my front door at Humlegård, much to my joy!

As the weather has improved I have also planted up the pots next to the entrance at Stensund. It is a north facing location, and the colours in pictures doesn't do them justice at all. In the little borders on each side of the door I have put some self seeded Ladies mantle (Alchemilla Mollis), as these troopers can manage almost any location including dry shade.

Luna has been busy this week. Firstly she has kept a watchful eye on the asparagus I have grown from seed, until it was time to pot them on from the seed tray into little pots. This asparagus variety is called Sweet Purple and should turn our having red tips next year, providing they survive the winter.

After that Luna has been keeping a watchful eye on the hens. I don't know why she imagines that they would make good prey, as they are as big as her! The hens don't mind her efforts to break into their pen at all. They just keep chatting away while enjoying the mid morning snack and producing an abundance of beautifully coloured eggs.

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1 Comment

May 24, 2020

Wow, vilka otroligt vackra ägg! Jag skulle gärna haft höns, men när vår hustomte - som hade både höns och får - varnade mig för att dom fick ofta löss i hönshuset så brydde jag mig inte om att tjata på min gubbe om det. Så det blev inga.....

Jag brukar skoja om att hade vi flyttat hit när man var yngre så hade vi numera både haft hästar, får och höns och kanske en eller ett par katter också. Och förmodligen varit i full fart med att avveckla djurhållningen. Men nu blev det ju inte så, alltså får man vara glad över att man har hund och att grannarna har djur!


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