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Easing into summer

As May turned into June I found myself living in the slow lane, easing into summer at a snails pace. I am not a patient person by nature, but these last years have taught me a lot about accepting the present as it is and not as I would wish it to be, and with that I have learned to sit still while waiting for things to change. It is interesting to observe myself conciously expanding my skillset in practicing patience, as there is a real struggle in wanting to do something to fastforward a situation, and accepting that it is simply not possible to do so. I spend a lot of time observing nature as it slowly changes over the season, and it gives me a warm kind of comfort.

In the end of April I had an operation, mostly due to my ongoing backproblems, and although the procedure itself went very well and above expectations, the recovery has been slow. I am ever the optimist and had completely planned to be up and about within a week, and fully recovered if not in a week then at least in a month. I mean, I had prepared for surgery by getting myself into top condition and there are few sportier and more one tracked minds than mine when it comes to it. But as they say, life is what happens when you make other plans and clearly the doctor actually meant it when he said it was such a big surgery that it would take six months to full recovery. Bummer.... My favourite season is here and I am totally prohibited from gardening! No heavy lifting, no mowing the lawn, no sowing or planting or weeding. Simply slow walks between the houses and lots and lots of rest. How odd if feels!

It feels especially strange not to have a kitchen garden this year. I filled the raised beds with flower seeds, and hopefully we will have beautiful flowerbeds instead of vegetables this year. My friends son has come to do the lawns, and after celebrating no-mow-May in order to leave the lawns uncut for the insects, some semblance of order has been restored. Not so in my borders though, they will be a wild mess this year and I will be practicing patience and mindfullness all summer long.

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