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Autumn vibes

I used to say how quickly time goes when having fun. Nowadays I just think that time passes in lightspeed regardless of what I'm doing. Perhaps it is an age thing..? October and November whizzed past. I cleared the kitchen garden as the autumn shadows grew longer, and barely was I ready before the first frost hit. Truth be told I wasn't even quite ready, but the frost decimating the last of the plants did hurry me along. This year was the first year I have tried a new technique of covering the vegetable beds with a layer of old straw to mulch them, and I'm quite interested to see how they fare from it.

there are few things I enjoy as much as the leaves falling softly to the ground in the autumn. I enjoy much less raking them up from the lawn, so I'm happy to leave them in situ in the areas where the gras is alowed to grow tall and wild. The shadows loom long for much of the day, making the contrast to the brightness of midday all the more pronounced. I miss the old trees where we have cut them into long stumps, but with the winter stroms growing all the more windy and ferocious I daren't have any big trees next to the houses anymore.

The devil is in the detail, and in autumn especially the details of how the leaves land in other shrubs and on the grass just mesmerises me. I should like to spend much more time in quiet observation, but my restless nature has me getting on with the autumn chores. Soon snow will cover everything, so it is imperative to get as much as possible done now.

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