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March spring cleaning

Most years in the middle of March there is a heavy layer of snow still covering the ground, but this year we have hardly had any snow at all. Quite the contrary, much of this winter has been snow free and with temperatures above 0°C! So, this week as the sun was shining and the birds were singing I decided to do a bit of a spring clean up and rake the leaves from the borders infront of my house. (In the big woodland borders I leave a thin layer of leaves as it makes a good mulch for the rest of the season.)

Lo and behold, beneath last years decaying vegetation the first signs of spring were already popping up! Day-lilies, snowdrops and Dwarf Lady's Mantel (Alchemilla erythropoda) were quite happily sticking their noses above ground. The Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) has also started growing, and was in the need of a trim to prevent it from growing all straggly and lank. I use Hyssop in my borders as an alternative to Lavender, which unfortunately will not survive in my cold climate gardens. (Having said that though, you never know with the warmer winters climate change is bringing us...)

The water in the sea is higher than I've seen it in a long time, but no surprise really considering how much it has been raining these last few months! At least I got a really lovely day in the sun before the clouds formed again and Boomer the dog got enough of being outside and asked to go in. He is such a snowflake he has a jumper on while we are out doing work in the garden! Luna the cat is more of an all-weather-girl, and doesn't mind the afternoon chill at all.

I enjoyed being outside so much that I wasn't paying much attention to the dark clouds that were forming in the afternoon sky. I probably should have, as turns out suddenly the temperature dropped and it started snowing!! Isn't that just typical spring weather for you... Happy spring to you all!!

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