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Advent times 2023

In the last days of November the ground froze deep, and soon after it began snowing. It is not so common to get a deep layer of snow so early in the year, and it delighted me greatly! Waking up to the soft blue light and taking the first walk of the day as seamist coveres the lake is one of the greatest joys I know. The sky heralds more snow with the old adage "Pink skies in the morning, sailors warning. Pink skies in the evening, sailors dreaming." and I wonder just how much snow we will have before Christmas?

The village society Hembygdens Vänner i Snappertuna organised a course in binding Christmas wreaths, and my Godfathers and I happily joined in. I must say it is not quite as easy as it looks! But we had great fun, and enjoyed the warm Christmas buns and each others company. This year I'm early in my Christmas activities, wize from a few years ago when it all got left too late and had to be done in the twelve days before Christmas. Such stress! I much prefer to do it quietly, a few things per week, and enjoy the whole month celebrating the festive season.

Dusk falls early and befor long it is dark although the clock has barely struck five. Lulu the dog doesn't mind. She is very busy inspecting the snow and really quite excited about it. She still wants to be a Yeti when she grows up. I have put up the Christmas lights in the garden in time for the first of Advent. It is such a cozy tradition, and I make it different every year. This year it is a whimsical arrangements around the bushes, and although it really lights up the darkness I'm not overly convinced of my artistic talents.

As we take the last walk for the evening under pitch black skies. On a clear day you can see millions of stars and what feels like the whole of the milky way, but on nights when it is cloudy the darkness is like a velvet cloak around the farm. I'm quite happy for my light display as tracks from wolves have been seen in the vicinity, but truth be told I'm more scared of zombies than I am of wolves. No more scary films for me until spring then!

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