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From autumn to winter

In the end of November we woke up to a light blanket of snow covering the gardens.

Lulu the gardening dog was super excited, but quite non-plussed at not being able to dig the ground to bury her favourite toys! To me the snow was a welcome sight, as November is generally a very dark month. Morning twilight was a welcome shade of blue and white, but a few hours later the colours changed again into muted greens and greys.

At this time of year when the plants are dormant the statues and decorations of the borders give a welcome structure and form. Embedded in the borders, they draw the eyes to them. I leave last years growth around them during winter, and as the season progresses the decay of the plants is pretty in itself. Leaving last years plantmaterial in the borders also serves the function of protecting the plants from the harshness of frosts, as well as providing safe habitat for overwintering insects.

By the afternoon the light usually turns flat and grey, especially during the many overcast days we have had. Same old joke as every year in late autumn and early winter appears in my social media: "anyone seen the light?". I find nature beautiful even now, but truth be told I am looking forward to Christmas!

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