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Early June in bloom

Summer is finally here! Once again it came with a rush, turning from bare to lush within two weeks. I never manage to capture the transformation on camera. It always seems I go to bed one day with nature around me barely waking up, and the next day it is in full swing. It's lovely though. The birds are chirping from 4 am and each day brings a new surprise.

This year the pergola behind the sauna has a new garden statue. I'm very fond of objects in the garden, perhaps because they bring a sense of permanence in an ever changing landscape. The landscape doesn't just change due to the seasons, but also because each season the plantings will show a lot of variations. One year one plant does exceptionally well, or another one has faded.

This year I noticed how in my woodland border the colour scheme in early summer is predominantly blue and white. What happened to the tulip bulbs I planted last year and the year before?! In 2021 this border was a mass of pink and yellow too, but that show of blooms just failed to appear this year. So it is with gardens. Best laid plans and all that...

Still, I am enjoying the sunshine and will go looking for hardy early spring perennials to add to the border. There is always a lot of tweaking going on, and I'm never quite satisfied. I remind myself that it is the process and not the finished results that matter, and see it as an exercise in mindfulness.

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