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August beetroot harvest

The beetroot have been great this year again! The cold spring set them back some weeks, but they have like the intermitted rain we had all of July and now they are thriving. Unlike my back, which has been more than miserable this week. Happily we did a lot of harvesting last week, as this week I have hardly been able to crawl out of bed and walk upright. Such is life with a back handicap, but at least I get to enjoy the fruits of my labour in the weeks when it was semi-ok.

I'm so happy that I decided to harvest so much of the beets in the week that I was more mobile, as this week it would have been impossible. In fact I took a whole bucket full of perfectly sized beets. I did make salad of some of the smaller leaves, but the big majority went to the compost heap.

Then I washed them and boiled them in size appropriate pots with the big ones sorted separately to the small ones. I love how the peel just comes of in your hands once they have cooked! Once they had been peeled I sorted them into glass jars and poured pickling vinegar over them, an voila! My fridge is filled until Christmas! (For the recipe visit my best pickled beetroot blog post.)

Luckily I did keep a bunch of the beets in the fridge for the coming week so that I could make oven rosted beets with pistachio nuts, as I really haven't been out in the garden this week. Never mind, hopefully next week will be better and I will be more active again.

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