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April weather

After the gorgeous weather we have had it has turned miserably cold again, with many mornings too cold even for me to venture outside willingly. Just the other day I woke up to snow pouring down! Not amusing at all, if you ask me... The lizards in the garden are sensible, and hide under a blanket whenever they can. I happened to disturb one as I was making a mulch of dried reeds to act as a long border between the lawn and my plantings, as the grass from the lawn invariably tries to escape into the garden. Reeds are otherwise quite useless as garden material as they take for ever to decompose, but in this specific instance they work as a long lasting mulch and are great for hiding wildlife in the meantime.

A few days later when it stopped raining and snowing I planted a small Spirea japonica Little Princess hedge to continue the themed border from the other side of the road in front of Humlegård. What does it say about my psychological state of mind that I'm all into planting little hedges?? Am I drawing lines and closing borders? Have I corona isolated for so long that I feel a need to make even my plants stay contained behind a wall? Well, why not. If I can't have fun then why should they be allowed to be frivolous and spread beyond their allotted space? Or am I just looking for order in a chaotic world? To be honest, I think my friend Helena would say "tosh!" to psychoanalysing it and insist that it's none of those reasons. She knows I'm a plantaholic and just love to buy plants!

Meanwhile back at the ranch Luna has taken up with a new hobby. She has gone quite mad for fishing. The other day I thought we had reached biblical times when I found fish on the ground where ever I went. Nine fish in a day I counted! I would rather it was raining men than fish, but there you go. Then one morning I woke up with her being extra pleased with herself, and as I walked into the kitchen I realised why. She had left me fresh breakfast on the floor! Bless her heart, but I don't think the Keto diet will quite work this time either...

So now I'm hoping that the May bank holiday weekend will bring the good weather back, and hopefully I can start sowing the vegetable seeds on indoor trays. Doing it too early is a gamble that rarely pays off. I wish you all a wonderful week!

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