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April fools

I wake up to shouts: "What is this??" and glance outside to see what is causing the commotion. With relief I find it is nothing serious, just that during the night our world has been covered in snow. It is the last week of March, but typical April fools weather.

Luna the cat isn't bothered. She is quite happy to follow me through the woods between the houses on the farm as I go about my daily business looking after things. Boomer the dog quite enjoys having company on his daily walks, and runs ahead with gusto. Yesterday Luna brought in her first mouse, and what a proud hunter she was! I thanked her profusely and put it in the bin, ignoring her accusatory stare.

The old farmhouse feels like a safe heaven for my sleeping youngsters who have all come home for the duration of the lockdown, and I return to my own house. I tend to put off doing boring paper work, but today since it is a Monday and the outside is anyways covered in snow, I shall stay in and get on with the admin. I'm very lucky to live on a farm with so much space, and especially grateful at this time for the evenings spent eating slow and happy family dinners with my loved ones instead of being here on my own with all the worry. I hope you have a good week and that you all stay safe!

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1 Comment

Mar 31, 2020

T.o.m. vi hade lite vitt på marken igår kväll - men det var till att börja med hagel! Men vi har nog haft alla typer av väder under det senaste dygnet; Hagel, snö, regn, sol och så det värsta - blåst! Nu börjar man faktiskt tröttna på blåsten, för även om det är fint väder och temperaturen håller sig på ett par grader plus, så känns det som minus fem minst och man kan inte vara ute. Hemskt!!


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