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Early June

Early June is my favourite time of year! The days are bright and keep getting longer, and nature is still fresh and mild. In my cold climate garden there are still spring flowers that flower, like the Pheasant's eye daffodils above and flowering Amanogawa cherry and Hawthorn below, and yet the weather is as warm as when summer is in full force.

I find I wake up really early although I fall asleep quite late. I guess it is the exact opposite of winter time when I easily fall asleep early and wake up late! And what a blessing it is to be energised by all the light, as there is so much to do in the garden each day.

Weeds crop up everywhere, and it is a constant battle to keep the borders in some kind of order. Beneath the birch in my new woodland garden oat seeds from last winters bird feeder has happily cropped up, and of course they need to be removed. I take a handfull a day and feed it to the chicken, and that way everyone is happy.

Still, I try to take time just to enjoy the moment as best I can. This weekend is my birthday and I decided to celebrate it at home with friends as there is of course no where else I'd rather be!

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