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Paris botanical gardens

Jardin de Simples

I must admit I found Paris Botanical Gardens to be just as grand as they sound, but what else would one expect from one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world? It is part of the Natural History Museum and contains in addition to the botanical school also an iris garden, a rose garden, an alpine garden and two greenhouses.

The systematic beds

My favourite part of a botanical garden is always the systematic beds where plants are organised according to how they are related. It is such a beautiful way of appreciating the diversity and excess of the plant world!

Most people think of visiting gardens in the hight of summer when the display is at its most opulent, but I love the low key atmosphere of an autumn garden.

Seed heads have their own melancholic charm, and can be used to great effect in a private garden too.

Autumn at its best

Autumn is also the time to enjoy the clear high skies and admire foliage colour in the garden.

Aesculus parviflora Marronier nain

Some plants are actually at their best at this time of year with their foliage colours demanding all the attention.

Just look at these colours!

Autumn colour in the garden

That said, there are flowers that continue to bloom long into the late season such as Salvia Macrophylla (below).

Salvia Microphylla

And some that only flower late in the season such as autumn amaryllis and saffran.

x Amarine tubergenii "Scaly"

Crocus sativus

If the weather is bad, you can always visit the magnificent greenhouse with tropical forest plants. (Although entry to the gardens is free, the tropical forest greenhouse charges a 7€ entrance fee for adults and 4€ for children).

The tropical forrest greenhouse

It is beautiful, and if you enjoy tropical plants I recommend it warmly (pun intended).

The tropical forest greenhouse

Last but not least, local wildlife has been especially taken into regard and quite a decent sized plot has been entirely devoted to preserving habitat in the middle of the city. I do love this enormous insect hotel hidden away amongst long grass and bountiful shrubs!

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