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A new rose pergola

Remember last new year when I made New Years resolutions and promised myself I would have a rose pergola this year? Well, this summer we have been working hard to make it come true. Next to the sauna there is an ugly square wooden platform that acts as a lid to the houses sewer systems, in case any maintenance is ever required. To hide this eye-sore, I decided it would be the place for my new white Memorial Garden with a rose pergola on top. This is what it looked like in spring when I started the project:

Boomer and Bisou demonstrating the ugly lid

The first thing I did was have a frame built around the lid to get the proportions of the new little garden area. As the area was covered with grass and I practice no-dig gardening, I started by covering the grass with newspapers and a thin layer of soil on top. This prevents the grass from getting any light, and quite soon it just turns into soil underneath.

Detailed picture of no-dig covering of grass

A bit later in the season, once we had finished the kitchen garden raised beds that took most of the spring to build, Alpo started building the frame for the pergola. You would not believe it as he is more strong and agile than most teenagers, but Alpo is well into his seventies already...

The frame coming up

The spot is actually perfect, as it has the most beautiful view of the sea.

A few meters to the water

The fact that the pergola is just next to the sauna is pure chance, as the pipeline connecting the house and the saunas filter systems happens to be situated there for practical reasons. This was actually very lucky, as I couldn't have planned its placement any better!

The sauna in the background

As soon as I could, I started planting this little mini garden.

Salvia White Rain

Salvia White Rain

Malva Moscata Alba

White Malva Moscata Alba next to white flowering Clematis Madame le Coultre

Hydrangea paniculata "Praecox"

White Hydrangea paniculata "Praecox"

Ziggy the cat

And a black cat... Ziggy.

During our midsummer festivities, befor any planting had really begun, my friend Helena and I were having a sauna, looking out at the half completed project and discussing the plan. Sometimes I think that gardening friends are the best of friends, as we can natter away in gibberish (latin plant names) for hours at end, amusing ourselves thoroughly. All of the sudden we had come up with the idea to make it my own little Sackville-West paradise, and keep the planting scene simple and all white. A tiny little white planted berså, a memorial garden of sorts. But me being me, I had to add decorations in other colours.

A washbasin works as a bird bath

Still, I think that in a few years when it has grown together a bit it will be beautiful. At least I hope so! If you happen to drive past, you are welcome to drop in and have a glass of wine.

All day and evening sun in the pergola garden

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