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Endings and new beginnings

I have to admit I find it hard to let go. For me, letting go involves a lot of anguish and deep thought, long conversations both in my own head and with others. Yet letting go is part of life, and especially so for me as I am the kind of person to always find new projects. If I didn't let go of old stuff, how would I make room for the new?!

Rescuing Villa Grönborg was one such project. It was in such bad condition when I started that a more sane person would just have flattened it to the ground and built a new house on top. Not me. I am crazy enough to feel it was important to preserve the cottage with its hand carved logg frame, as if the history of the people who had lived in the village would be preserved with it. I really loved renovating it with painstaking attention to detail, thinking that perhaps my children might want to live there when they grow up.

As things are, my family prefers to bundle together at the old farmhouse at Stensund. Call us strange, but we actually like spending time together! So there it was, my beautiful rescue project, with renting tenants and Airbnb guests for two years. To be honest, with everything else I do and all my other mad projects, it was too much even for me to take care of! After much thoughts and deep anguish I decided to let it go.

Around the cottage foxgloves are neutralised

And, guess what! As soon as I had made the decision a perfect solution presented itself! A dear friend of mine was looking for a place to share with her mother, and she fell in love with the house on the spot. If ever there was a case of love at first sight, it was here.

We've known each other long enough to make things simple, and by mid September Villa Grönborg had not only changed hands but also name. Henceforth it is called Villa Solros, and I couldn't be happier for both house and family!

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