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The houses we love

Whenever people ask me if I am going somewhere nice for my summer holiday I always answer "Yes, to Snappertuna". I love staying home at the farm, and I soak up every moment of it, enjoying the long summer days with my family and friends walking between the houses on the peninsula where my farm lies.

The first house you come across is The Gatekeepers Cottage, which sits just beside our small dirt road before Humlegård and Stensund. It was renovated only last year, after having stood empty for a very long time. As soon as it was ready, my first priority was to plant a new garden infant of it with a mixture of roses and old fashioned perennials. This is my godfather and his partners house, but the one who really rule the roost is their dog Båtsman.​​

If you turn right from there, you come to my house Humlegård. From the road it is barely visible, hidden in the forrest behind meadow plantings. I like it this way. It is not that I don't like people, but I do love my own space.

The house is actually most visible from the sea inlet, but in a few years the panel will be weathered and become grey, hiding the house by melting into the surrounding landscape. It was only built some years ago, and presently the panel is still fresh and light in colour.

If you would have turned left instead after the Gatekeepers Cottage, you would have come to the old farmhouse Stensund. Here the chicken coop in the orchard is the first thing that meets the eye, leaving the house itself hidden behind the old apple trees beyond the garage.

This is where I grew up, where my mother spent her happiest days, where my children had their lazy summer holidays and where they now spend time with their father who mostly lives abroad. Sometimes I will stay there too, just because I love the house so much I need to take tender care of it and shower it with love.

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