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June 2017

And suddenly summer arrived, cooler than expected but with a lush greenery due to all the rain. Everywhere flowers burst out from their dormant buds; columbines (Aquilegia vulgaris) neutralised long ago turn up underneath old damson trees (Prunus domestica subsp. insititia) and I wonder who it was that planted them there.

Old apple trees bursting into flower leave me speechless. For me the garden is the reminder of how blessed I am to be alive in the here and now. Each day is filled with wonders.

Yet there is so much to do at this time of year - weeds go crazy and each day is a battle to keep them at bay, there is so much to do in the kitchen garden with seeds to be planted in plug trays and plugs kept alive.

Days go by in a merry go round of planting and weeding and enjoying the little victories. Miraculously my very temperamental beetroot survive a late frost, carrots turn up early and potato that had been left in a cupboard for too long turn into great seed potato for the season.

New projects come up too. After the sewage system was renewed in the winter the lawn needs to be re-laid and I think that while we are at it, why not make it bigger. My neighbour the friendly farmer sends his summer help over with an old grass spreader to seed it for me.

At Humlegård new flowerbeds are dug and the parking lot is enlarged. ("Well why not," I say to myself, "I must take the chance as I happen to have a digger in the yard," I think to myself, totally ignoring my little inner voice that cautions against plans of grandeur.)

It seems as if I never sleep, so excited am I with all I am doing and all I am planning, but then again at his time of the year neither does the sun, so I feel I am in good company. So I shall leave you with a picture taken at two am, when the sun is shining through the trees, ready for a new day after having just dipped below the horizon for an hours cat nap.

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