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Never enough time for weeds

By the end of May summer is suddenly in full bloom. It is a magic transformation that occurs within the space of a week or two. The days are long and warm, the landscape is green and lush, apple trees are in full bloom - and weeds are popping up with ferocious force absolutely everywhere!

Last year I took some self seeded Bridal Wreath (Spirea x arguta - S. x multiflora x S. thunbergii) from Stensund and replanted them at Grönborg.

To my delight and surprise, they not only survived the harsh treatment but started growing very nicely and seemed to thrive.

But this spring, they were all but gone, hidden in the boarder among a shameful amount of weeds! Everything from dandelion to the awful japanese knotweed and grass had invaded the border, and it was high time to take action!

This is what happens every year, with so many borders and so many gardens something is always left undone... But fortunately the soil at Grönborg is sandy loam, and weeding is easy compared to the hard clay in other boarders. All I need is a small hand rake with long spikes and a good pair of gloves - and time of course. I never have enough time it seems. Even the other day when I set of mid morning with the rest of the day to do the whole border I only got half way through.

I don't know how others do it, but no matter how I try to make time, there are always so many other things that come between me and my gardening.

My family needs to eat, or the fridge is empty and we need to go shopping; a house needs attention before new guests arrive; washing is in heaps and needs to be sorted out... or I have some actual work to do and someone calls me to remind me that I have unanswered e-mails that someone somewhere really want me to answer (the joy of "working" from home...) and in a blink time is up with only half the boarder done.

On my way home I drive past a deer standing in the field. It isn't bothered at all by my car, just looks up and then continues grazing. Wouldn't it be great if deer ate my weeds as they have all the time in the world to just enjoy the evening...?

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