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Jubilant July

As I always seek perfection it is rare that I feel satisfied with my garden, and yet there are so many parts of it that are absolutely gorgeous at the moment. Amongst these is the giant catnip, Nepeta Six Hills Giant, which this year have put on a beautiful show. It is such a great perennial, surviving weeks of dry weather even in the poorest soil.

This year my climbers too have - finally! - put on a great show. Perhaps their roots have grown deep enough for them to reward my many years of patience with a good show of flowers? The climbers in the pictures above are deep red honeysuckle Lonicera brownii Dropmore Scarlet, the next one is Lonicera Serotina and lastly climbing rose Lykkefynd.

The statue border at the red house has been amazing this year, with no help from me. I weeded it lightly in the beginning of the summer, and since then it has filled up beautifully with the perennials growing tall and spreading out. I have a fondness for garden decorations, and I must admit that I'm best pleased with my collection of things ranging from statues to old cast iron wheels. I feel a bit like I'm on a treasure hunt, always keeping an eye out for new items.

In July the sedum bed is buzzing with bees and butterflies fluttering about. Truth be told, I'm not exactly crazy about the colour combination of bright yellow and pink, but as they are so loved by the insects I pretend to enjoy it. Below the house with the sedum beds I've planted the corrugated iron bathtub with Jerusalem artichokes and planted a yellow zucchini in the wheelbarrow. As the zucchini is a gift that keeps on giving, I find it practical to have it near my home so I can pick them before they grow too large.

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