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Happy Easter 2020

I think Easter is one of my favourite holidays. I probably say the same thing about all national holidays, but as I'm a great chocoholic and it is the one time of year when I indulge without too much guilt I really love Easter! This year we had a quieter easter than usual, as we keep on social distancing to avoid the Corona virus. We are very lucky to live on a farm with so much space and nature all around us, as we can spend our days outside without any risk of meeting others. Last week I started working in the garden, but this weekend has been all about spending time with my loved ones and overindulging in sweet treats.

Even though we aim to stay at home as much as possible, we did go to pick up the lamb roast for Easter dinner (and in fact a whole box of meat for the freezer) from the neighbouring farm Bovik. It is somewhat of a family tradition to go see the lambs, and oh my God how sweet they are!! These are the sheep that graze my fields in autumn, and it makes me so happy to see how harmonious their home is that I actually don't feel bad about the fact that most of them end up on the table later in the year. When I eat meat, I always prefer free range and happy meat to animals grown up in an industrial process.

The lambs are of course my favourites, but I do also love watching the rare breed Kyytöö calves and their mothers with their sweet little fringes. This is an old Finnish heritage breed from back in the days when little farms had just a few cows to give the family milk and butter and the much valued manure for the fields. They have been around since the 1700's, and as they are more hardy than many modern cow breeds they are actually better suited to our cold climate and for use in ecological farming.

In the coming week I will get back to gardening, but meanwhile I hope you had a nice and peaceful Easter weekend!

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