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Grey days

March is usually a beautiful month with the last layers of snow covering the land all the way to easter, and long bright days ending in a blue twilight. This year however has been drab and rainy, with hardly any snow at all. It is as if nature is mimicking the world at large, with grey and brown hues echoing the depressing news of the corona outbreak around the world. To cheer myself up, I have continued tidying the flowerbeds and kitchen garden beds. I find that doing some physical work outdoors is a good way to boost my mood.

I also did some upkeep to the chicken coop too, and painted the little house with the same red colour as the bigger chicken coop. I was feeling drab and lonely in my worries, but then suddenly the weather started turning and the sun came out. With it, my youngsters came from Paris and my bestie from Stockholm so that the family can wait out the self isolation here on the farm where there is plenty of space. In fact, we have acres and acres of land and very few neighbours. Those neighbours we have, we wave to and with a proper distance catch up to see how everyone is doing. For once, no one is complaining about Finns liking their social distance...

Gardening is such a wonderful way of life. It fills my time and supports my soul, and as soon as the houses on the farm filled with family members it seemed the flowers all started coming out to bloom and celebrate with me. Suddenly there is colour in my life again. Even Boomer the dog has perked up, and as he enjoyed the sunshine so much that suddenly he is all for staying out in the yard and keeping me company while I work.

Years ago when I was on my own with three tiny tots I learned the value of always being prepared and having lots of everything at home. I was too exhausted to drag the little ones out of bed and screaming through the shops late at night, so if I had forgotten something or we had run out of it we made do without. And let me tell you, tummy bugg times three little tots and no loo-paper is no fun! Since then, I have always been prepared with my cupboards filled and for once it turns out that is a good thing. I hope you all stay safe and sound through these fraught times!

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1 Comment

Mar 21, 2020

Det är likadant här, vi har alltid en massa hemma för det är ju en bra bit både till Hemse och till Klintehamn. Grannar ser vi, men dom är ganska långt borta och just nu verkar det inte vara några sommargäster nere.

Jo, vår goda vänner Eva & Uffe har tagit sig hit från Stockholm och ska stanna till jul - om det behövs. Men dom bor 3 mil från oss och vi ska inte umgås under dom närmaste veckorna i alla fall.

Däremot skulle jag behöva åka över till min väninna och frissa Margeurite, ser hemsk uti håret, men det får vänta. Det spelar ju ingen roll om man inte ska träffa några.....


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