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Bruuns Have - inspiration from a decorated garden

In the autumn of 2019 I had the pleasure of visiting Bruuns Have in Denmark. Bruuns have is wonderful large garden in Skive in Denmark. They are open to the public a few times a year during open garden days, but also have a beautiful garden shop, filled with the most delicious decorations and furniture, and do inspiring garden related courses. No wonder then, that the gardens around their shop and home is a beauty filled with decorative objects! (I mean, what is not to love about the insanely gorgeous urn below?!)

The day I visited the garden it had been raining all morning; the skies were still lead coloured and the light quite dismal. Although I like visiting gardens on rainy days, it isn't optimal for taking pictures. I think an early sunny morning with a bit of mist and the sun just touching the horizon would have been so much better. Sadly the pictures I took just don't do justice to the sheer joyful greenery and flowers of the gardens. Still, I think you get the gist of it. I believe the best time to visit would be in spring, as I have seen the most gorgeous bulb display on their Instagram page. Yet even now, much later in the season, there was a lot to see. The framework of different garden structures, rooms, shrubs and perennials combined with all the gorgeous decorative elements really inspired me, and it made me look at my gardens differently as I came home.

If you look closely at the fence below, you will recognise it from my kitchen garden at home. I loved it so much so I decided to get one exactly like it for my own garden! So travel with care my friends, as seeking gardening inspiration from other peoples gardens can turn out very expensive indeed! I like the simple stuff, and find beauty even a random corner where odd objects and a pair of Fiskars scissors had been abandoned. Although there is a lot of carefully arranged still lives and vistas in this garden, it is nice when not all is carefully curated perfection.

One thing I especially loved was the art installation in tall grass, and think it is such a clever way to incorporate an area designated for our tiny wildlife, ie the insects. When I mentioned it in a post on Instagram, Bruuns Have replied that they are increasing their eco and insect friendly endeavours this year: "We are currently working on an insect portal for our cutting garden, which will also be expanded this year. Under and between the portal there will be a bench where you can sit and enjoy the cutting garden, where bee and butterfly friendly flowers come. Think it will be so good." I think so too, and hope to be able to hop over and see it some day when travel restrictions due to the pandemic cease.

From simple stuff to big and bold still life plant installations with lots of details to look at, this garden was a joy to visit. Even now, such a long time later, I feel happy for looking at the pictures and think about how much we can learn from each other. I find the gardening community lovely in that way; those of us who work in the gardens are often generous with sharing our passion.

Wishing you all a lovely spring!

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27 mar 2021

What a nice post about Bruuns Have.Very inspiring!

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