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August pea harvest

Pea Blauwschokker

The Ezeta’s Krombek Blauwshokker peas were glorious this year; round and sweet and beautiful to look at. Although I should have planted twice as much, there were enough so that all through July we ate of them to our hearts content.

Every few days I would pick a bowl and eat them freshly boiled with a knob of butter or cold in a salad. Then suddenly, in the beginning of August, they were past their due by date.

A few weeks later

It is fascinating how quickly it goes from prime time to panic harvest time...

Pea and flower

Still, as I picked the last ones we got a good bowl full to lightly boil and freeze. We separated the peas that had dried a bit too much from the others, and left them out to dry on a piece of paper laid over some newspaper.

I love this variety of peas, as even the shells are beautiful to look at before they end up in the compost!

On sunny days like we have had this summer, shelling the peas isn't as much of a chore as it usually is. Especially with Ziggy the cat keeping company.


And then, it is time to prepare the bed for autumn. This year I left all the stalks on the bed to compost naturally after I will put a layer of manure over later in autumn.

After harvest

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