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A weekend in Suffolk, UK

In late October last year I went for a long weekend to see my friends Didi and Marc in Suffolk. They live in a lovely house with origins in the 15th century in Brandish, Suffolk, England, with their children, dogs and geese.

The gardens are vast and wild, a mixture of large trees, lawns and shrubs framed by an old moat that circles the house and barns.

The driveway is lined with beautiful old round stones, that have been on the farm for ages and ages.

Some of the old barns have been left as they are for future development, as most of their energy has gone to planting and maintaining the apple orchard at Valley Orchard Farm.

This has been no mean feat! There are 40 acres (about 16 hectares) of apple trees that provide fruit for cider.

We spent a lovely afternoon walking around the orchard, and finished it of enjoying the sunset at the water reservoir

After a perfect day of country life, we went home to Brandish House for supper.

The front side of the house is covered with ivy, interlaced with climbing roses.

My bedroom was so quiet and still, I slept like a princess! Sometimes a long weekend is all thats needed to reset the energy levels for weeks to come.

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