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August 2017

In the beginning of August the kitchen garden reached its zenith, and each day we harvested fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner. My whole family was staying at the farm, and each weekend we had friends to stay, yet no matter how we tried we hardly made a dent in the garden pantry. How can such a small garden produce so much?!

Everyone had to participate in the daily routine of harvesting and making dinner, of course. We are all foodies, so it is only natural for us to spend hours and hours discussing the menus and preparing our meals, not to mention eating them!

Although the cauliflower went a bit wild by the end of August, we had some really beautiful ones as well that we ate just slightly boiled with pikeperch and bearnaise sauce.

Making bearnaise and hollandaise sauces was clearly this years theme! Our wonderful chicken Agda, Gwendolyn, Klara KotKot, Bertha and Hulda provided us with plenty of fresh eggs, and so there was room for the odd misstake.

The chicks probably had a great summer, running around feeding on insects and herbs as well as the organic feed they got each morning. At night Bertha and Gwendolyn roosted in the apple tree outside their chicken coop, which I thought unusual behaviour until someone said that perhaps it is just that most chicken don't have apple trees in their pens...

At the end of the month they had to go back home to their winter keep on a farm nearby, as my family scattered with the wind to all corners of the world to resume their post holiday lives. So once again stillness has descended, and it's only me and Boomer that hike to the ruins in the weekend. There too we are quite on our own now the tourists season is over.

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