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Winter is coming

I love it when suddenly the dark skies open and snow starts to fall for the first time of the season. It is the highlight of the autumn! Usually it occurs in the end of November, but the snow rarely lasts more than a day. This year though we've had a cold spell that lasted all week.

Before the cold spell it had been raining tremendously during three consecutive weeks. That meant that November was dismally dark and horrible, as the sunlight was caught behind a thick blanket of grey rainclouds which left us in a twilight world of darkness. I cannot properly describe the murky darkness we had, but it is fair to say that when suddenly it turned cold and the rain transformed to snow, and the next day was bright with sun I jumped and skipped with joy all day!

Even Boomer who may be the laziest dog in Finland felt my enthusiasm, and happily came out for the longest walk! Normally he starts to shiver with cold as soon as he sees the dog leash or his bright yellow winter coat, but this day he happily skipped outside without missing a beat. No shivering here even though his coat got left behind!

With the first of advent last Sunday I started to decorate the garden with winter fairy lights. This year I am really looking forward to celebrating Christmas in the country with my family and as part of the celebrations I have indulged in decorating the houses a plenty.

A happy weekend to you all!

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