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Magic month of May

All of the sudden the weather turns, and a heat wave hits us much in the same spirit as all of the sudden the world around us wakes up from its slumber and throws itself back into life. The birds go crazy and try to out compete each other for mates, and the songs they sing cascade all over the countryside from the earliest of mornings to late at night. The grass turns green and all my early spring bulbs and flowers burst into bloom. Snake's head fritillaries, cowslips, narcissus... they all join the party with gusto!

At this time of year I wake up early and rush out to potter about and enjoy the vibrant scenery, but more often than not I end up working all day instead of taking pictures. An innocent walk around the gardens ends up with two hours of weeding, as the weeds too have come to life. There is never enough time to keep the flowerbeds perfectly weed-free, but I console myself with the mindfulness mantra of "good enough is good enough!" and potter on.

With the warm weather comes the joy of beginning to work in the vegetable garden once again. It has been asleep for six months now, and it almost feels as if the rest had done the soil some good. I plant potatoes of my favourite variety - a violet one called Purple Queen. It is smaller than last years Purple rain, but much better in taste and consistency. I try to practice my own version of a no-dig method of cultivation, so I dig wide holes instead of long ditches for the potatoes. It may be working, as the earthworms I find in the soil are humongous! Afterwards I cover the soil with fleece, and hope it will generate enough warmth to give me an early crop.

Meanwhile Luna the cat has taken to gardening and offers her most helpful services with whatever I am working on in the garden. It is a joy to have a gardening partner in crime, and we have long discussions about the ideal temperature of water for watering in newly planted seeds and shrubs as well as the best soil for improving the earth. She wishes you too a lovely gardening week!

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