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Late summer harvest

We've had the most beautiful sunshine for the last weeks, and yet there is a crispness to the air that reminds me the summer soon draws to a close. I've also had to say goodbye to some of my youngsters as they have gone back out into the world to continue their young lives after the pandemic lockdown has eased and travel is (at least temporarily) once again possible. To be honest, it is melancholy for me to see them go as I have felt so blessed having them around for so many months. It has been wonderful to have such a home that they can always return when needed, and find that they do. Now though, as autumn is approaching, we are going back to our normal lives.

For me the normal life in August entails endless harvesting. My kitchen garden is becoming emptier by the day, much like the big red old farmhouse after the youngsters leave one by one. This week I have harvested the last of the broadens and peas, and

After working for a few hours, all that is left in the place of the peas and beans is an assortment of self seeded marigolds. I do harvest them too, and dry them for food decoration and tea.

The beetroot have been wonderful this year, and every few days I've picked a handfull for supper. My favourite recipe of the moment is oven baked beets with walnut oil and a sprinkling of pistachio and walnuts on top.

And then there is of course the inevitable disaster that strikes when least you expect it. Remember my beautiful Blauhilde climbing beans that were looking so great last week?

Well, a sudden thunderstorm and torrential rain that whipped us throughout the night flattened the whole lot of beans! A bit like Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall, there was nothing we could do to raise these beans again as the sheer weight of them had snapped the canes that kept them up... So now I shall go back out and save what can be saved. I'm quite saddened as they usually give a continuous harvest for the first few weeks in September, but on the other hand the harvest I'm getting already will fill the freezer no doubt. With that I wish you a happy new week!

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