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Autumn in the woodland garden

You wouldn't believe the joy of having a sunny autumn week after so much rain! Few things are as pleasurable as the high skies of sunny autumn, when the air seems filled with more oxygen than before and a burst of energy runs through the body from the moment I wake up. Of course, this meant I have been working in the gardens most days, as finally it has been possible to walk in the flower beds without compacting the soil. And much to my delight, some of the autumn flowering shrubs and perennials are still putting up a handsome display.

Last year I planted three Hydrangea macrophylla Summer Love in the woodland garden, and although one gave up the ghost during last winter two have survived. They haven't grown much, but at least they are hanging on. The funny thing is that their flowers have quite different colours, and it makes me wonder if one of them accidentally had been misnamed or gotten the wrong tag?

Meanwhile both Astrantia major Abbey road and an unnamed Japanese anemone are still flowering happily, together with the lovely white wood aster (Aster divaricatus) and Hydragena panniculata Limelight. Although it is late in the year, some whimsy hover-flies and the odd bee are out and about enjoying the flowers as much as I do.

As winter is coming I decides to get some heather and juniper for my pots by the entrance. It is the marking of seasons shifting to change the plantings, yet somehow such a cozy thing to do. The thing I notice most though is that at this time of year my front porch is barely in the sun, as the sun lies so low on the horizon. All summer through the house bathes in sunlight, and now by autumn equinox it lies in dappled shade even at midday.

While getting the heather, a whole basket filled with bulbs mysteriously followed me out of the shop. I swear I wasn't going to buy any, and still they just ended up with me! What can one do? So the last few days have been spent clearing away the debris of dried flowers and planting bulbs. Sometimes I like having a bit of a random mix of bulbs turning up - once I have decided on the colour scheme - so I empty the packets in a little bucket that I carry around with me and fill in gaps between the plants in the border. Such fun to see what it looks like in spring!

Last but not least a greeting from Portvakten where the beautiful Westerland rose has been flowering since July! We deadhead it continuously, but really it is such a trooper that I should have bought at lest ten of them to place all over my gardens.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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