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Midwinter paradise

As we are going into the new year I would like to thank you all for following my blog and for the kind comments and support you give me. I hope you have a wonderful festive holiday and to hear from you again in the new year. Here are some pictures form my sleeping paradise.

I have no complaints about winter, as I actually like this quiet time of year. I like the quiet peacefulness of being on my own, without any of the summertime obligations knocking on my door.

The only thing I find challenging in winter in Finland is the time from November to the end of January when it is dark most of the time. Believe it or not but these pictures were taken at midday and they are as dark as if it were dusk!

It is almost a challenge to get out and enjoy the few hours of daylight that we get, as the body becomes as slow as the mind living in a permanent twilight zone.Still, if one does go out for a walk it is amazingly beautiful and almost a zen like experience.

I wish you all a peaceful midwinter time and a very happy new year!

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