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Sunny days

And suddenly the sun came out for a few days, and although a bitterly cold wind still kept summer at bay I did manage to snap some garden pictures. It is still too cold for me to go swimming, but I must admit it did look tempting!

The flowers in my garden also enjoyed the sun and came out in bloom.

I love the combination of bright blue flowers and spring green foliage, and there is an abundance of combinations to try out. On the hill that disguises the sewage system I have planted masses of grape hyacinths (Muscari Botryoides) with Allium giganteum so that they flower in sequence over the summer, and I find the combination wonderful as the leaves of the Allium perfectly offsets the grape hyacinths in spring.

The rest of the planting is wild forrest flooring, and I just love this juxtaposition of wild and cultivated planting. (It doesn't look as nice on the picture as in real life...)

I'm trying to introduce Cowslip in my wild lawn, but it is slow going as they are not yet seeding themselves so well. Dainty and charming, the perfect spring flower for bees!

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